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January 25, 2013

Knoxville, TN  (HOUSEOFNEYLAND) Condredge Holloway, Jr., Tennessee quarterback from 1972-1974 & current assistant AD at UT, celebrates a birthday today.

Condredge was born on January 25, 1954 in Huntsville, Alabama, the son of Condredge (Sr.) & Dorothy Holloway.

Mrs. Holloway was the 1st African-American employee of NASA working at the Marshall Space Flight Center.

Condredge was a multi-sport athlete at Lee High School in Huntsville.  He was a star in baseball & was drafted by the Montreal Expos in 1971.

Dorothy Holloway, however, was set on her son getting a college education.  The likely spot might have been in Tuscaloosa, but Coach Bryant would not agree to put Condredge in the QB position.

Coach Bill Battle would & did.  

Condredge came to Knoxville where he would lead the VOLS to a 25-9-2 record.  

Condredge made his Neyland Stadium debut on September 16, 1972 in a 28-21 victory over Joe Paterno's Penn State squad.

Holloway holds the record for the best interception to pass attempt ratio in VOL history...only 12 picks in 407 pass attempts.

Condredge became known as "the artful dodger," because, as says...

"(he) packed excitement into every play, whether it developed into a pass or a scramble."

Legendary VOL NETWORK announcer John Ward said...

"There are not many stars, but Condredge Holloway was a star."

Condredge played professionally in the Canadian Football League where he was the 1982 MVP & led the Toronto Argonauts to a championship in 1983.

In 2011, ESPN aired "The Color Orange:  The Condredge Holloway Story," produced by Knoxville native & country music star, Kenny Chesney.

Note:  It was my pleasure to meet Condredge last spring in my role as an usher at Lindsey-Nelson Stadium.  I got to see him at many games as he & his family are loyal VOL baseball fans.  

Update:  Condredge reminded me today (02-24-13) that his birthday has been incorrectly posted by internet sources.  

The correct date is January 25th.

                                                     Condredge Holloway & John White
                                                             Lindsey Nelson Stadium
                                                                 Knoxville, Tennessee
                                                                         May 4, 2012

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